Worldview - Grades 11th-12th - Dean Wood

Worldview for grades 11/12 – Dean Wood –

This class is part History of Ideas, part Worldviews and part Apologetics. In this one year course, students will seek to understand the Christian Worldview as an all-encompassing story that  answers the most important questions of life, the universe and everything. We will study the progression of philosophy and worldview through history as well as various ‘-isms’ as they relate to Biblical Christianity. The goal of the class is for students to not only know the truth, but to love the truth in order to apply and share it. The student’s grade will consist of weekly quizzes, two 4-5 page papers and two exams. Each student will need a binder or pocket folder for handouts.

The cost for this course will be $50 per month. There is a $20 supply fee for printing. Mr. Wood may be contacted at or (936) 697-6789.

Payments may be mailed to 1431 West Welsford Drive, Spring, TX 77386