Billie Jo Craig

Billie Jo Craig has been homeschooling her children for 20 years. She has an Associates of Art Degree from the University of Wisconsin- Fond du Lac. Before deciding to be a stay at home mom to her four children she was working on her degree in history, minoring in geology.  She has spent the last eleven years working in a co-op setting, teaching Smarr Literature and The Write Foundation Essay, for the last nine. The Craig family belong to The Ark Church in Conroe. Billie Jo can be reached at (936) 203-2866 or billiejocr@yahoo.com. Her mailing address is 3214 Felton Springs Dr., Spring, TX 77386.

Brenda Hall

Brenda Hall attended Texas A&M University earning her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in material science. She met and married her husband of 34 years, Eric, at the A&M Baptist Student Union where they began to be involved in ministry together. She worked until the birth of her daughter for Motorola as a Hermetic Packaging Engineer. During this time she was able to travel to Malaysia to set up a polyimide die coat process for her products and work on the assembly line overseas. Eric and Brenda have 5 children and have homeschooled for 24 years. Their two oldest daughters, Kellie and Julie, graduated with CACHE and are college graduates; their sons, Scott and Zach, are currently in college. Their youngest son, Sam, is a recent high school graduate.  The Halls live in Conroe and attend Faith Bible Church in the Woodlands. They have been involved in a nursing home ministry for the last 14 years at Elmcroft Assisted Living Center.  Brenda loves math and the order that God created in numbers. It is her desire to help all students to excel in math. She will be using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.  Parents can find information about the math program and placement tests at www.teachingtextbooks.com.  In addition to math, Brenda will also be teaching Geography. Brenda can be reached at (936) 443-9002 (cell) or e-mailed at EBHall7@aol.com.  Please mail registration form and first payment to: 2005 Shasta Ridge, Conroe, TX 77304.   See course descriptions for payment options and supply fees.

Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson is an award winning artist who has produced artwork for many organizations, illustrated books and designed sets for theater.  As a professional artist, she sells paintings, takes commissions and teaches classes at various art events and conventions. One of her passions is sharing her love of art with kids of any age, and she especially enjoys teaching art classes and giving private lessons. Cindy’s artistic interest ranges widely and she is comfortable in many mediums. Students in will learn in mediums such as pencil, technical pen, charcoal, pastels, metal embossing, watercolors, crayon, watercolor pencils, collage, different printing methods, sculpture and oil sticks among other things, depending on age level and class taken. Intensely curious and with a keen interest in art history, she will draw students into conversations about art through the ages, from Early Christian works right up to modern times. They will quickly become comfortable and confident judges of art, learning how to make their own decisions and not be swayed by what they are exposed to in every area of the art world. Cindy is widely traveled and has learned in the great museums of the world. These experiences are shared with students, making art come alive. Her desire is that people will find beauty and hope in her paintings and in her life. To see her work, go to colorcatstudios101.etsy.com.  You may find more on her life and work on her blog, www.colorcatstudios.blogspot.com. To contact Cindy for sales, commissions or classes, email her at crazymomma100@yahoo.com

Corinne Park

Corinne Park graduated from Hardin Simmons University with a Bachelor of Education degree.  She spent 2 years teaching school at Asuncion Christian Academy in Paraguay, South America.  Upon her return to the States she attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where she met her husband Jon Park.  She graduated with a Master of Arts in Religious Education.  She and her husband spent 8 years in the ministry in Florida where she taught in a Christian school.  When her first daughter was ready for kindergarten they began to home educate.  The oldest daughter is now a college graduate after successfully completing her education at home, supplemented with Training Center classes and dual credit.  The youngest daughter is homeschooling and taking classes at The Training Center. Corinne has taught classes for homeschoolers in her home and in co-ops. The 2017-2018 year will be her 10th year teaching with The Training Center.  This year she will be teaching Botany on the elementary level, Apologia Physical Science, and Club Explore.  She enjoys making her classes hands-on with active learning to increase a student’s love of learning and natural curiosity.  Corinne can be reached at joncorinne@consolidated.net and (281) 770-5964. Her mailing address is 7226 Lorna Rd. Montgomery, TX 77316.

Dean Wood

Dean Wood is the husband Kelly and the father of Karis, Karsten & Darby, whom they homeschool.  He was born and raised in Knoxville, TN and began following Christ when he was about 20 years old.  A little over a year later he started teaching and preaching and has not stopped since.  He graduated from Columbia International University (back when it was Columbia Bible College) in 1994, where he met Kelly and married way over his head.  They have been married for 24 years. It was at CIU that his eyes were first opened to the history of ideas and worldview and his heart was never the same. Dean went on to graduate from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1998 and started laboring as a pastor while he was in seminary.  He has been a pastor in North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama and is now the pastor of Creekisde Bible Church in Spring.  He has taught the bible to every age group in the church and taught evangelism at Faith Bible College in Norfolk, VA.  He has taught more subjects than he can remember, including Bibliology, Church History and Apologetics.  He believes he has the greatest job description in the world as he hangs his ministry hat on 2 Corinthians 1:24, “Not that we lord it over your faith, but we work with you for your joy, because it is by faith you stand firm.”  He preaches, teaches and serves so that others can know joy!


Jan Lund

Jan Lund and her husband Sam, homeschooled their children for 16 years. Before starting The Training Center, Jan was a stay-at-home mom with their three grown children.  They have a daughter who graduated from Houston Baptist University, one son who graduated from Sam Houston University and a son serving in the Marine Corps Reserves. Jan has always had a passion for teaching and enjoyed the time she spent teaching Sunday School, Children’s Church and Children’s Choir.  She and Sam are excited about The Training Center and are looking forward to the direction God is leading them. Her contact information is Sajalund@aol.com  or (936) 777-3171.

Karen Garza

Karen Garza is a 26-year home school veteran that is passionate about claiming science back for God.  She has a vision of science being a tool to use to reveal the intricacies of God to students who in turn can use their knowledge to share the wonders and proofs of God that exist in our universe and are revealed through science.  Ever since she can remember, she has enjoyed teaching others.  Her own education path includes paramedic training and 60 hours in the honors program at U of H, which included biology and chemistry.  Her life journey truly began in 1981 when she married Joey.  In the fall of 1989, God instructed Karen to quit work and school and thus began her career as a full time mom.  Two years later, she became a home school teacher.  Her three girls that were her first and most important students are Penny, Jennifer, and Esther.  In 2011, Karen graduated their last daughter after 20 years of home schooling.  All of their daughters went on to college.  Her ministry to further science awareness has also included joining her husband as the administrators for 20 years over the Texas Regional Science Fair, www.texasregionalsciencefair.com.  This ministry was extended when based on a daughter’s need, Revelation Science Classes, www.revelationscience.com, was begun in 2005 to offer high school biology, chemistry, physics, human anatomy & physiology utilizing the Apologia curriculum.  Teaching and instructing others has always been and continues to be a ministry and a privilege to Karen and she lives to be used by God to bring Him honor and glory.
Karen can be texted or called at 832.483.9643 (cell) or emailed at revelationscience [at] sbcglobal [dot] net.  Please mail payments in Karen’s name to 7327 Root Road, Spring, TX 77389.  Payments are due on the 1st of each month and to be received by the 10th.  A late fee of $10 will be charged after the 10th of the month.

Karen Lawrence

Karen Lawrence attended University of Texas in Arlington and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.  Karen felt called to Youth Ministry when she was 15 years old so after Business School she attended Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and received her Master of Arts in Religious Education.  Upon graduating from Seminary, she took a position as a Student Minister at Ascension Episcopal in Houston, Texas, where she met her future husband Ron Lawrence who had graduated from Baylor University.  Shortly after they were married Ron joined the Army to fly helicopters and Karen became an Army wife. While Ron was serving Karen became the Protestant Education Director for the chapel at Fort Rucker Army Post.  Karen is presently working at Champs Educational Services teaching Science and English to 5th-8th graders until May and homeschooling two of her daughters.  Karen’s third and oldest daughter is graduating from A&M University this summer.  One of her favorite activities is teaching 5th grade Sunday School and Leading 4th-6th graders in evangelism and missions training on Wednesday nights at Crossroads Baptist Church.  This fall she will be teaching Science with the Apologia curriculum. Her teaching style reflected in class is very hands on with experiments to go along with the curriculum.  Karen Lawrence can be reached at (832) 766-0432 and Karenelawrence101@gmail.com .  Please mail registration form to 158 South Winterport Circle, The Woodlands, Texas.

Laurie Stevens

Laurie Stevens holds a secondary education degree in History and Political Science from Texas A&M University.  She and her husband, Scott, have four children and live in Montgomery where she has coached speech and debate for ten years and has helped many students qualify to the Regional and National level of competition.  She is a teacher at heart and loves teaching real world applications of economics and history.  Her contact information is (936) 537-9559 or lastevens@comcast.net . Mailing address is Laurie Stevens 8995 Navigation Circle, Montgomery, TX  77316.

Pam Bowen

Pam Bowen home schooled her four children for 22 years. After having their  first child, she and her husband, Tommy, decided for her to be a stay-at-home mom, and they began home schooling in 1988. Their two oldest children graduated from college and the other two are currently working and attending college. Pam and her husband both served on the board of a local home school support group for several years. Their family was also very involved with a local home school sports program, and Mrs. Bowen served as a board member for six years. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. Mrs. Bowen has taught sign language, writing, math, and other courses in various home school classes. She really has a passion to teach children and hopes to instill a love of learning in her students. It is her desire to help her students excel in their writing abilities. In addition to home school classes, she has been very involved in classes or working with the deaf for over 25 years and currently helps interpret for the deaf at The Light Community Fellowship where she also works part-time. You may contact her by phone at (936) 760-1790 or (936) 520-7138 or email pbowen@hushmail.com. Her mailing address is 189 Greenleaf Lane, Conroe TX 77304.