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Speech – 1 Semester only - (Spring 2018) - Grades 9th–12th - Billie Jo Craig

Expected time outside class each week needed for preparation and homework – 1 hr (30 mins to an hour longer applies about 4 times during the semester)

Speech is a process of learning to speak in front of a group in a structured and organized manner. This class we will learn basic principles and techniques to enhance the student’s oral communication by preparing and delivering informative, persuasive and impromptu speeches. Students will have an enjoyable time, learning critical listening skills, preparing group projects and participating in class discussions. Quizzes, essays and exams will reinforce information discussed in class.

Supplies: No textbook is needed for this class; however there is a $10.00 supply fee for printed materials.

To register, please fill out the Training Center registration form and mail it along with your $55.00 payment dated July 1, 2015 (first tuition payment). There are a total of 5 tuition payments of $45 (due on the 1st of July., Jan., Feb., March, and April). Contact info: Billie Jo Craig 936-203-2866, Address: 9613 Crystal Springs Dr. Conroe, Tx 77303. billiejocr@yahoo.com.

Payment options: 1) Write 5 post-dated checks to be cashed at the first of the month (July 2017, Jan-April 2018); 2) Set up bank draft to arrive at the 1st of the month; 3) Pay for entire year by semester (dated Dec 1, 2017). NOTE: The first payment should include the lab fee. As we often turn students away once you have reserved your space, there will be no refunds given after July 1.