Required time outside of class each week: approximately 4 hours.
The Spanish I foreign language class serves as the starting point where students will begin their journey into foreign language acquisition. The foundation of this class will cover oral communication, reading, writing, following commands and grammar. This is not simply a conversational class. A student who masters a language must be able to read and write to develop fluency. So, this class will cover grammar rules, verb conjugation, and will continuously add new vocabulary each week. The student will learn high-frequency commands and be able to follow basic instructions in Spanish. Heavy emphasis will be placed on tactile learning using, songs, chants, role-playing, activities, and hands-on games. Learning a new language can be such fun. Please join us as we embark on an odyssey in Spanish. Class requires outside homework using a computer with an internet connection and audio for listening. Class attendance is essential and daily review of material is necessary.
Homework: Each student will be responsible for outside assignments as well as daily reviews of vocabulary and verbs. Homework assignments will come in many formats to keep the student’s interest and to have fun. The more a student prepares, the more successful the entire class will be during times of oral communication. Attendance is crucial.
Classwork and Grades: Student assignments will be graded by the teacher. Grades for oral communication will also be given. Quizzes and Tests are a regular and necessary part of study.
Supplies: A supply fee of $20.00 per semester will apply to this class. In addition, students will be responsible for the following individual supplies: one package of index cards, one package of notebook paper (wide ruled), two black dry erase markers, one package of 8.5” x 11 construction paper, scissors, two glue sticks, one 3-ring binder, one set of 5 dividers for binder and one set of map pencils, one green or pink highlighter, some copy paper for printing occasional assignments. In addition, students will need to access a computer, laptop or tablet on a regular basis to complete assignments. The device a student uses needs to have audio and printing capabilities. Smartphones are not recommended due to the screen size. Earbuds or earphones are recommended so the student may focus on listening.
Books: Class textbooks are available to rent from the instructor. Students may also purchase their own book online. The textbook is titled Expresate. ISBN 9780030736872. Holt Publishing. Textbook rental will be $10.00 for the year or $5.00 per semester.
To register, please fill out the Training Center registration form and mail it along with your $50.00 payment dated July 1, 2019 (first tuition payment). There will be a total of 10 tuition payments of $50 (due on the 1st of July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., March, April). A late fee of $10.00 per class will be added for fees received after the 10th of each month. Contact info: Greta Bain, (936) 235-1001, mailing address for payments: 10550 Royal Andrews Dr. Conroe, Texas 77303. Email:
Payment options: 1) Write 10 post-dated checks to be cashed at the first of the month (July 2019-April 2020; 2) Set up a bank draft to arrive at the 1st of the month; 3) Pay for the entire year by semester (1st semester dated July 1, and 2nd semester dated December 1, 2019. No refunds for canceling after July 1, 2019.