P.E., Health and Nutrition

Grades 3-6 

Students will enjoy learning about the way God created them through a variety of activities. During our time together, students will increase their fitness level through stretching, games and various exercise challenges. We will also work in groups to improve communication skills, memorize Bible verses, learn about the body, nutrition, injury prevention and first aid. 

The content of this class is centered on fitness and health with a strong focus on public speaking and communication skills. Students will give short, prepared and impromptu speeches while in class. They will be expected to recite memory verses individually and in groups. Students will also become comfortable leading the class in stretches and various exercise challenges. Team games and activities will be exciting and challenging. Students will work up a sweat and learn while exploring endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Throughout the year, students will also learn about nutrition, the brain, and the various systems of the body. (Ex: brain , nervous system, digestive system) . 

Students should wear tennis shoes, a training center t-shirt, and comfortable bottoms. Each child will be required to bring their own rolled exercise mat to class each week. Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes each week and tuition is 10 payments of $40. In addition, a $25 per semester supply fee is due with your registration form. Payments can be mailed to Lori Kelley, 216 Skipper Jack, Montgomery, Texas 77316. Contact information for Lori Kelley is by email, thekelleys4@hotmail.com or text at 281-813-4763.