American Government - Fall Semester Only - Billie Jo Craig

A look into the American system of government.  We will examine the shaping of the American Republic, each of the three branches of government, and the Constitution.  Students will also research parts of local and Texas government, learning who officials are and what their roles entail. 

Required Text: Abeka American Government 3rd Edition
Supplies: 3 ring binder, paper, paper, pens and pencils

There is a one-time fee of $20.00 to cover printed material.

To register, please fill out the Training Center registration form and mail it along with $65.00 payment and Supply fee dated July 1, 2018 (first tuition payment). There are a total of 5 tuition payments of $45.00 (due on the 1st of July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov). A late fee of $10.00 per class will be added for fees received after the 10thof each month. Contact info: Billie jo Craig 936-203-2866, Address: 3214 Felton Springs Dr.,Spring,  Tx 77386. 

Payment options: 1) Write 10 post-dated checks to be cashed at the first of the month (July 2018-April 2019); 2) Set up bank draft to arrive at the 1st of the month; 3) Pay for entire year by semester (1st semester dated July 1, and 2nd semester dated Dec 1, 2018). No refunds for canceling after July 1.

Economics – Grades 10th-12th - Laurie Stevens (Spring Semester)

Economics is real life—it’s all about how people make choices every day and how those decisions influence policies being made in business and government.  Students will be inspired to think critically about issues that really matter. They will be challenged to think about the world around them and gain an understanding of economic principles that will not only prepare them for college but more importantly, for life!  Class will include reading and weekly homework answering questions over the reading.  Our weekly class times will include discussion, class activities, guest speakers and lots of engaging video to enrich the reading material.

Class time: 1 hour and 15 minutes one day per week.

Outside class time per week:  approximately 2 to 3 hours per week for homework. 

 Texts needed for class:  

Money, Greed and God by Jay Richards,

Common Sense Economics by Gwartney, Stroup, and Lee and Student (older or new edition is fine)

 Monthly fee for this class is $40. 

Payment options:

1. Write 5 post-dated checks payable to Laurie Stevens to be cashed the first of the month (December 2018 –  April 2019)

2.  Set up a bank draft to arrive by the 1st of the month

3.  Pay by semester when you register for the class.