Texas History - One Semester Course (Fall only) - Grades 6th-8th - Jan Lund


During this one semester course, we will explore God’s hand in events, situations and the lives of people who were involved in the history of our great state.
Curriculum: The Texas God Created by Dana Buckley. Only the textbook needs to be ordered (not the supplements offered with the text). Our study will include classroom lectures, hands-on projects and map studies.
The monthly fee for this class is $40 with a supply fee of $15. Payment options: 1) Write 5 post-dated checks to be cashed at the first of the month (July 2018-November 2018); 2) Set up bank draft to arrive at the 1st of the month; 3) Pay for entire course by semester – dated July 1. NOTE: The first payment should include the supply fee.
If you have any questions, please contact Jan Lund at Sajalund@aol.com or by phone (936)777-3171. Please mail your Class Registration Form and payment to Jan Lund at 5689 Old Castle Way, Conroe, TX 77304.
Expected time outside class each week needed for preparation and homework is 3-5 hours.