The Training Center offers classes for homeschoolers all over Montgomery County. Our classes are offered at two different locations and on three different days. You can learn more about our locations HERE and about our weekly schedule HERE. Below is a detailed list of all of our classes by grade. Please click on each link to see details about the class.


Art 1Conroe Campus

Botany  Conroe Campus & 1488 Campus

Club ExploreConroe Campus

History – Conroe Campus & 1488 Campus 

Language Arts – Conroe Campus & 1488 Campus

Jr. High

Art 2Conroe Campus

American History – Conroe Campus

Basic Paragraph Writing – Conroe Campus & 1488 Campus 

Basic Essay Writing – Conroe Campus & 1488 Campus

General Science1488 Campus

Physical Science1488 Campus

Pre-Algebra1488 Campus

Sentence to Paragraph1488 Campus

Texas History – Conroe Campus

High School 

Algebra 1 – Conroe Campus & 1488 Campus

Algebra 2Conroe Campus

American GovernmentConroe Campus

American History1488 Campus

American Literature1488 Campus

Anatomy & Physiology – Conroe Campus

Art 3 – Conroe Campus

Basic Essay Writing – Conroe Campus

Biology – Conroe Campus & 1488 Campus

Chemistry – 1488 Campus

Economics – Conroe Campus

Geography – Conroe Campus

Geometry Conroe Campus

Speech – Conroe Campus

Worldview1488 Campus